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MSIT releases people-centered "National AI Ethical Guidelines" draft

담당부서 작성자 연락처

- 3 principles and 10 requirements of "AI for humanity" included after collecting opinions from experts from academia, business, civic groups, etc

- Final announcement will be made in December after collecting public opinions through public hearings on December 7

□ The Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT, led by Minister Choi Ki-young) and the Korea Information Society Development Institute (KISDI) announced the draft of the "National AI Ethical Guidelines" to present the desired direction for the development and utilization of Artificial Intelligence in the AI era, on November 27, 2020.


The new guidelines are the standards to embody ethical AI, with major principles and key requirements that all members of society, including the government, public institutions, companies, and users, should follow. The MSIT has prepared a draft of ethical guidelines with the goal of realizing "AI for humanity," operating an AI ethics research team composed of AI ethics experts to analyze major AI ethical guidelines across the world, incorporating the results with the theoretical discussion of ethical philosophy. Also, the MSIT gathered opinions from experts from academia, businesses, and civic groups for three months.

 □ The guidelines present three basic principles and 10 key requirements for humanity, the highest value for "people-centered AI." The major details are as follows.

 ㅇ (Goals) The ethical guidelines should be for ① all members of society ② covering all areas ③ and members will voluntarily abide by the guidelines ④ which will continue to advance.

  - ① Standards referenced by all members of society, including government, public institutions, businesses, and users, in all stages from the development of AI and its applications

  - ② General principles not limited to specific areas, creating a foundation for the flexible development of detailed rules in each area.

  - ③ Ethical and voluntarily followed rules, rather than laws or regulations with a binding force, inducing an ethical discourse that respects the autonomy of businesses, encourages the development of AI technology, and flexibly responds to technological and social changes.

  - ④ A platform that can discuss and develop new AI ethical issues that are being raised according to socioeconomic and technological changes.

 ㅇ (Value) Set the highest value that ethics guidelines pursue as "humanity'" and present three principles and ten requirements for "AI for humanity."

 ㅇ (Three Basic Principles) In the process of developing and utilizing AI for humanity, ❶ the principle of human dignity, ❷  the principle of public good in society, and ❸ the principle of fitness for purpose of technology should be observed.

 ㅇ (Ten key requirements) In the entire process of AI development and applications, in order to abide by the three basic principles,  ⓵ human rights protection, ⓶ privacy protection, ⓷ respect of diversity, ⓸ anti-infringement ⓹ public good, ⓺ solidarity, ⓻ data management, ⓼ accountability, ⓽ safety, ⓾ transparency should be ensured.

□ Minister of Science and ICT Choi Ki-young said, "We hope that the release of the national AI ethical guidelines will pave the way to the "people-centered AI" by raising awareness and promoting discussions regarding ethical issues of AI across the country."

 ㅇ "In the foreseeable future, we will make sure that the new ethical guidelines will provide a platform to discuss and deliberate newly raised ethical issues of AI and prepare measures to more widely introduce the ethical guidelines into all corners of our society, such as by creating a checklist by topics," added Minister Choi.

□ The MSIT plans to introduce the "National AI Ethical Guidelines" draft  through a public hearing on Dec. 7 and to receive opinions from citizens (aiethics@kisdi.re.kr) by Dec. 15.

 ㅇ The final "National AI Ethical Guidelines" supplemented after gathering public opinion will be released in mid-December after deliberation by the Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


※ The English version of the "National AI Ethical Guidelines" will be released around December when the final version is completed. ​


For further information, please contact Deputy Director Yu Ju-yeon (044-202-6276) of the Ministry of Science and ICT. 

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