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2021 Government Plan announcement 「Recovery·Inclusiveness·Resurgence Korea 2021」 (Jan. 20)

담당부서 작성자 연락처

2021 Government Plan announcement



Recovery·Inclusiveness·Resurgence Korea 2021


- Tackle COVID-19 and start a great transformation through Science Technology Innovation·Digital New Deal -

<2021 Key Policy Goals>

Become the first country to launch semiconductor-based COVID-19 3-minutediagnostic kit(March) and prepare vaccines and treatments with our technology

Accelerate the Digital New Deal in earnest by building six data dam platforms and additional 150 types of Artificial Intelligence data

Increase research budget for 2050 carbon neutrality and find 10 leading technologies

Integrate research development regulations(286 previously) and systems (59 previously) and promote an immersive research environment for researchers

. Build a digital powerhouse and robust foundation for science technology for the past four years

󰊱 Establish the foundation for becoming the worlds leading digital powerhouse

Starting from the worlds first launch of 5G(Apr. 2019), 5G+ Strategy has been executed swiftly, making Korea No.1 in 5G


ㅇ  By establishing Artificial Intelligence Country Strategy(Dec. 2019), revising three main data privacy laws(Feb. 2020), and pursuing the Digital New Deal(Jul. 2020), digital innovation has spreaded across the economy and society.


Introducing Information and Communication Technology(ICT) regulation sandboxes(Jan. 2019) has led to 44 new technologies and services.*


   *  (example) mobile driver license: more than 1.9 million users, used at convenient stores and the Road Traffic Authority


Annual communication costs by more than KRW 2 trillion has been reduced to ensure quality life and the abolishment of the accredited certification(Dec. 2020) has created a foundation for a wide use of simple verification without Active X.


󰊲 Establish foundation for robust science and technology through people-centered R&D innovation

Increase in budget for fundamental research(KRW 1.26T in 2017 KRW 2T in 2020) for researchers to actively lead studies has led to achievements such as the observation of black holes for the first time(Apr. 2019).

  - Successful launch of Chollian 2A(Dec. 2018), 2B(Feb. 2020)


Based on 'the materials, components and equipment research development strategies'(Aug. 2019), R&D support customized for 100 core strategy technologies has contributed to the stabilization of the supply chain and domestic manufacturing.


To streamline complicated research development management regulations(286 cases), National Research and Development Innovation Act, a single, across-department law(Jun. 2020) was established.


󰊲 Concentrate all of its sciencetechnology and ICT capabilities to support K-disinfection

The COVID-19 genetic map was completed(Apr. 2020) and the development of COVID-19 treatment has been supported through animal model experimentstoxicity evaluations.


The establishment of 'Epidemiological Investigation Support System' (Mar. 2020) has reduced time to collect information about confirmed cases(2-8 hours 10 minutes).


The successful opening of online school has been supported through Information and Communication Technology(ICT), such as transmitting EBS classes of all paid broadcasters for all grades(Apr. 2020)

.Recovery·Inclusiveness·Resurgence Koreawill be realized through science technology·ICT innovation

󰊱 Based on the assessments about the past four years, the Ministry of Science and ICT has set the four key strategies to realize the values of recovery, inclusiveness and resurgence.

[1] [Recovery] Secure rapid diagnostic kit·treatments·vaccines(3sets) with our technologies


(Rapid diagnostic kit) Development and approval application for a semiconductor-based COVID-19 diagnostic kit that diagnoses infection with only saliva within three minutes, has made Korea the first in the world to launch the kit(Mar.2021).


(Treatments) Among the drug candidates drug re-creations discovered, domestic drugs that have completed phase 2 clinical trials will quickly be applied to the medical fields(first half in 2021) by collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Welfare.


(Vaccines) For vaccines under development with our technology, customized support such as preclinical and overseas clinical trials will be promptly provided for a quick launch


(Esatablishment of foundation) Basic Virus Research Institute(second half in 2021) was founded and modular negative pressure wards* will have been pilot-operated(~April. 2021) and pushed forward to be widely used.


   * able to install four wards and support facilities within five days and additional wards can be installed within 15 minutes.

[2] [Resurgence] Accelerate a great digital transformation through the Digital New Deal 

󰊱 The Digital New Deal provides an environment where a variety of data is available for use.

(Data dam) 16(cumulative) big data platforms 180(cumulative) centers provide data and add Artificial Intelligence learning data of 150 types.


  - Reflecting the data integration transfer studies*, the supply of data will be promoted and artificial intelligence, data, cloud vouchers will be provided for 3,280 SMEs and startups.


  * Studies are underway about data stores, connection plans to various platform (Aug. 2020-Jan. 2021)


(Artificial Intelligence capabilities) Development of technology for PIM(Processing In Memory) semiconductor and the next-generation Artificial Intelligence* will be pushed forward.


  * a technology that can learn with a small amount of data, explain results, and can be easily applied to other fields


(Data highway) Meticulously-designed 5G networks that citizens can use without inconvenience will be built* and developing key technologies to acquire future network 6G, quantum information communication, etc will be launched.

  * extend 5G coverage to major local neighborhoods in all cities(85) and all subway lines·KTX·SRT


  - Operators that will build networks specialized for 5G* will include companies that need 5G networks as well as telecommunications service providers

  * 5G network that can be customized for specific services within a specific area


(Spread across all industriessociety) The spread of digitalization across all industriessociety through promoting 5GArtificial Intelligence-based convergence services enhances productivity and convenience for living.

  ※ 5G convergence : 5G+ core services(immersive content, etc.), demonstration and spread of 5G MEC public services (safety, remote education, etc.)

  ※ Artifical intelligence convergence : 7 major projects including medical image diagnosis reading, coastal security and mine detection

󰊲 Accelerate the Digital New Deal by building governance and preparing related legislations


(Governance) The 4th Industrial Revolution Committee is reorganized into a data control tower (Jan. 2021)


(Digital laws) To lead the digital new deal and the non-face-to-face era, the enactment of three laws for digital transformation(Basic data law, Digital collection law, Digital inclusion law) and Contactless industry lawwill be pushed forward(first half in 2021).


[3] [Resurgence] Science and technology innovation pioneering the future


󰊱 Preapare a core technology development blueprint to realize 2050 carbon neutrality


(Carbon neutrality) The establishment of "2050 Carbon-neutral Technology Innovation Project Promotion Strategy(Mar. 2021) will lead to increase in R&D investment and presentation in 'mid-to-long-term technology roadmap'

  - To secure leading technologies, "2050 carbon neutrality technology innovation 10 project promotion strategies" will be prepared(Mar. 2021) and Climate Change Response Technology Development Promotion law will be enacted.


󰊲 Starting with a launch of independently developed vehicles, expand the space territory with our technology


(Space) Successful launch of Nuri, a Korean launch vehicle developed with Korean technology*(Oct. 2021)


  * This will allow us to become the 7th country to have technology to transport utility-class medium-sized satellites(1.5 tons) into space


  - A lunar orbiter development(-2022), a next-generation medium-sized satellite launch(Mar. 2021), building Korea Positioning System(KPS) will be pushed forward.


  - The enactment of Civil Space Development Promotion Actwill be pushed forward(second half in 2021) and the establishment of a launch site for solid fuels(2021-2024) according to the amendment of the Korean-US missile guidelines(Jul. 2020) will be carried out.


󰊳 Bio and materials, components and equipment as future growth drivers


(Bio) Intensive support* in the in the fields of new drugs, medical devices, and regenerative medicine will be provided and a national bio data station that integrates scattered research data and provide them will be established.


  * New drugs(2021-2030, KRW 2.2T), medical devices(2020-2025, KRW 1.2T), regenerative medicine (20212030, KRW 0.6T)


(Materials, components and equipment) Research on core items (100+85) to stabilize the current supply chain (3257 research teams) will be expanded and future leading items to create a new supply chain(first half in 2021) will be selected.


󰊴 Create an immersive research environment for researchers


(Immersive research environment) National tasks should be completed by doubling researcher-led fundamental research (KRW 1.26T in 2017 KRW 2.52T(plan) in 2022)


  - `With National Research and Development Innovation Acttaking effect(Jan. 2021), regulations(286 previously) and systems (59 previously) that are scattered acorss all departments will be arranged and streamlined without any delay.


[4] [Inclusiveness] Realize an inclusive society that is safe and for everyone


󰊱 Spare no support for the talented in various fields


(Youth) Discussion with related departments to apply industrial accident insurance to under(graduate) students in science and engineering will be carried out and the support that postdoctoral can conduct and lead research independently* will be enhanced.


  * ‘Sejong Science Followship' will be established (300 persons a year, within KRW 130 million), expansion of ‘KIURI’ (46 research teams)


(Female) Action plans for female scientists balancing work and family (first half in 2021) will be prepared.


(Digital talent) 100,000 talents in Artificial Intelligence·Software will be fostered by increasing Artificial Intelligence graduate schools(2020, 8 schools 2021, 10 schools)


󰊲 Expand the digital safety net that is convenient and reliable


(Digital inclusion) Digital capacity education(to 270,000 persons) will be conducted and new public Wi-fi (new: 15,000 cases, cumulated: 72,000 cases) will be installed to narrow digital divide.


(Cyber security) Security consulting will be provided to SMEs(1,270 enterprises) and remote PC security checks for citizens(70,000 persons) will be supported.


󰊲 Minister Choi Kiyoung said that the ministry will make 2021 a year of Recovery, Inclusiveness, Resurgence through science, technology and ICT innovation


He said that 'to that end, key priorities announced today will be put into actions without delay to overcome the COVID crisis, accelerate a digital great transformation, realize innovation in science and technology and an inclusive society.


󰊲 Minister Choi visited Korea Institute of Radiological Medical Sciences as the first official visit following the announcement of 2021 tasks


At the visit, the minister visited the clinical trial sites of the quick diagnosis kit and modular negative wards. In the following virtual meeting, he shared his messages of encouragement to researchers working on rapid diagnostic kits, treatments, vaccines and disinfection equipment and listened to their opinions.

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