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< World's Quantum Computing Experts Gathered at the ICQC 2019 (July 8)>

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World's Quantum Computing Experts Gathered at the ICQC 2019 (July 8)

- International Conference of Quantum Computing 2019 held

Scholars and researchers from home and abroad, including Professor Barry Sanders, a pioneer in quantum machine learning who grafted AI to quantum computing, and Professor Yasunobu Nakamura, who realized supercomputing qubits for the world's first time, gather together to seek the direction for the development of quantum computing R&D.

The MSIT announced that the International Conference of Quantum Computing (ICQC) 2019 will be hosted at El Tower in Yangjae-dong, Seoul from July 11 (Thu) to July 12 (Fri).

Researchers from home and abroad will participate in the conference to network and share their views on research trends, and Vice Minister Mun Mi-ock of the MSIT will also be present at the event to attend a meeting and deliver a speech.

Twenty quantum computing experts, including renowned foreign scholars* recognized for their outstanding work, will share their recent research results.

* Prof. Barry Sanders (University of Calgary), Prof. Yasunobu Nakamura (University of Tokyo), Dr. Thomas Monz (University of Innsbruck), Prof. Selim Shahriar (Northwestern Univeristy), Dr. Emre Togan (ETH Zurich)

In particular, it is expected that the inputs from Professor Barry Sanders (University of Calgary) and Professor Yasunobu Nakamura (University of Tokyo) will help Korean researchers develop new research ideas and enhance their research capability.

As Korea is a relative newcomer to technology development, the MSIT has been putting much effort to improve Korea's research ecosystem and overcome difficulties such as the lack of quantum computing researcher pool.

Considering that quantum computing is moving beyond the realm of laboratory experiment and being developing into applied science, the Ministry plans to support the Korean Association of Quantum Information Science and Technology (QUIST) where scientists and engineers network and develop research agenda.

The MSIT also plans to discuss quantum computing research cooperation with the U.S. Department of State, National Science Foundation (NSF) and Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and launch a Korea-US joint research program in 2020

The Ministry has already started Quantum Computing Technology Development Project (2019-2023, KRW 44.5 billion investment), with the goal of demonstrating 5-qubit quantum computing technology by 2023.

Considering that the project is Korea's first national quantum computing R&D project, the Ministry will invite the foreign scholars participating in the ICQC 2019 to evaluate selected new project goals for more professional and objective evaluation.

A source from the MSIT said, "The ICQC 2019 will be a chance to Korean researchers to network and cooperate with world-class scholars and find opportunities for joint research."

The source added, "The Ministry will provide Korean quantum computing researchers with active and systematic support so that they can expand their scope of research and generate outstanding research results through joint research with foreign partners.“