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 < Korea, reelected as AIBD’s Executive Board Member >
-Leads cooperation across the AP region in broadcasting and
strengthens its position in the international community-

□ The Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister You Young Min, MSIT) announced that Korea was reelected as a member of the Executive Board(EXBO) at the AIBD General Conference (August 21-23, 2017), held in Male, the Republic of Maldives.
  * Asia-Pacific Institute of Broadcasting Development (AIBD) is an inter-governmental organization (26 member countries), established with the goal of promoting cooperation and development of the UN-ESCAP countries in broadcasting.
ㅇ A total of five countries: Korea, China, India, the Philippines and Bhutan were elected as members of the EXBO, making it a total of nine EXBO members. (Existing members: Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Pakistan.)
□ Korea had been elected as an EXBO member at the 14th AIBD General Conference(August, 2015), and this reelection will allow Korea to serve the role until 2019.
 ㅇ The EXBO members carry out AIBD’s major tasks including human resources development, training plan development, project approval and budget management.
 ㅇ Therefore, with the reelection to this position, Korea is expected to play a bridging role among member countries to enhance cooperation in broadcasting, lead the media industry such as broadcasting content and strengthen its position in the international community. 
□ MSIT said, “The reelection to the AIBD’s EXBO is clear evidence that Korea is recognized as a global leader in broadcasting, and this will lay a foundation for overseas expansion of relevant industries such as broadcasting content.”

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