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 - MSIT hosting ICT Roadshow in the Philippines and Vietnam -
 - Services including mobile communications solution and e-commerce payment system entering the Southeast Asian market -

□ Ministry of Science and ICT(Minister You Young Min, MSIT) and National IT Industry Promotion Agency(President Yoon Jong-lok) are hosting ICT Roadshow from 7 to 13 September in the Philippines(Manila) and Vietnam(Hanoi) as to support domestic small and medium sized IT companies to advance into the ICT market of Southeast Asia.
   ※ ICT Roadshow: organized by MSIT, events including local business consultation meetings and presentations on companies held to support companies go global (held 4 times annually)

 ㅇ This year’s ICT Roadshow is held to pioneer markets for domestic small and medium sized ICT companies having difficulty entering into the Chinese market due to the Korean market showing stagnant growth and China’s ban on the Korean culture.  

□ 18 Korean companies having competitiveness in exports tailored to local demand showcase their products and services to buyers in the Philippines and Vietnam. Also, one on one business export consultation meetings are held between buyers and companies. Korean companies are visiting major local companies to tap into the demand of the local markets and seek ways for expanding global advancement.  
 ㅇ Companies participating in ICT Roadshow consist of venture companies and SMEs in various software and communications services including “Infosonics”, a young exporter equipped with the new technology to pay with cell phones’ speaker sounds as well as “JC1“ with domestically certified electronic document system aiming for overseas advancement.

□ The ICT Roadshow is held by MSIT four times a year to support domestic ICT SMEs to enter overseas markets as part of efforts to support ICT companies go global. It involves companies with high potential to go global and thus has contributed to the export performance of domestic ICT companies as part of proactive efforts to match domestic companies with overseas buyers.  

□ Recently, mobile communications penetration has been increasing rapidly in proportion to population growth in the southeast market. As a result, the demand for value added services including advertisement and payment system is on a steady rise. Strong government support is necessary for more of domestic companies equipped with advanced technology to enter overseas markets.    
  * mobile subscribers/penetration rate(ITU,’15/’16) Philippines(117.83m/115.7%), Vietnam(143m/130.6%)

 ㅇ Director General Choi Won-ho of MSIT announced his plans to invite buyers matched in the ICT Roadshow to events including the ITU Telecom World* to be held in Busan(9.25∼9.28) and Connect W** to be held in Seoul in November. He also showed his strong commitment to support domestic ICT SMEs to increase their global advancement including proactively pursuing collaboration between domestic ICT companies and overseas companies. 
    * ICT exhibition and forum organized by ITU every four years
    ** export consultation meeting organized by KAIT to invite overseas mobile carriers to Korea

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