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 < Korea and Russia Reinforce Cooperation on Science, Technology and Innovation through Science Technology Commercialization, Startups and Innovative Firms >
  - MOU signed with Russia on science technology and innovation    cooperation following Korea-Eastern Economic Forum -

□ Ministry of Science and ICT(MSIT, Minister You Young Min) announced a MOU with Russian Ministry of Economic Development to cooperate on science, technology and innovation following Korea-Eastern Economic Forum held in Vladivostok, Russia from Sept 6 to 7.
   ※The signer of the MOU: Vice-Minister Lee Jin-gyu (MSIT) and Deputy Minister Oleg Fomichev (Russian Ministry of Economic Development)

□ Korea and Russia will expand cooperation on facilitating science technology commercialization and innovation by signing MOU to cooperate on science, technology and innovation.

 ㅇ Two countries seek institutional measures to provide necessary support for working group and agree to put joint efforts to create the innovative ecosystem by supporting exchanges between startups and innovative firms based on science technology and by promoting joint projects. 

  □ Two countries have been deeply cooperative in the areas of  science technology since establishing diplomatic ties in 1990. In recent years, collaboration activities have been diversified to achieve science technology commercialization.

 ㅇ In particular, two countries confirmed issues of common interests such as science technology commercialization, startups, promoting innovative firms by holding technology commercialization event and science technology forum on nuclear energy, aerospace, brain science, and artificial intelligence at the 1st Korea-Russia Science & Technology Day held in Moscow from June 5 to 7.

□ Russia, which used to be a resource-dependent country, is   now overhauling an economic structure and diversifying economy by nurturing industries with cutting-edge technology. To this end, Russia is facilitating startups based on science technology and expanding efforts to promote innovative firms.

 ㅇRussian Ministry of Economic Development strengthens international cooperation with the aim of creating innovation ecosystem by building a Skolkovo Innovation Center* and holding a Global Open Innovation Forum. etc.

    *The center with total 386 hectare (size of 5,200 football fields) is under construction in the suburb of Moscow and focuses on five fields IT, energy, nuclear energy, medicine and biotechnology and space industry).
□ According to Director General Choi Won-ho of International Cooperation Bureau, MSIT will collaborate with startups and innovative firms based on state-of-the art science technology and actively pursue establishing innovative ecosystem in preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution era on a basis of strong ties that has been solidified through science technology cooperation between two countries.

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