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 < MSIT Nurtures the Unemployed 1000 Youth to be Professionally Skilled Engineers >

□ Ministry of Science and ICT(MSIT, Minister You Young Min) and Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA, Chairman Park Yong Hyun) announced that 18 training agencies were selected to carry out ‘Training Project for Professional Engineers’ and 1,000 trainees will be recruited after Sept 4 under 2017 supplementary budget.
 ㅇ ‘Training Project for Professional Engineers’ is a talents nurturing project customized by industry for the unemployed engineering graduates. This project fosters talents for company and supports a job-seeking process.

□ The recruitment is for unemployed youth who is under 32 years old with at least college degree. Vulnerable job-seeking classes* including female engineering graduates, the disabled and the long-term unemployed will receive special treatment in recruitment.
     * Low income class(150% below the minimum cost of living), war veterans,        marriage immigrant, North Korea defectors, etc.
 ㅇ Trainees will take theoretical and practical programs at the training agency during professional training period (around 4 months) and will have a chance to experience practical work at a relevant company of training agency during practical company training period (around 2 months).
 ㅇ In addition, 300,000 won per month will be paid during professional training period and 500,000 won per month will be paid during practical company training period.

□ This project provided professional skill training programs to total of 37,457 unemployed engineering graduates from 2003 to 2016 and contributed to solving the issue of youth unemployment by supporting 74.1% trainees on average.
 ㅇ MSIT runs training programs with selected 2,000 trainees under the main budget of 8.8 billion won. With additionally secured budget of 4.4 billion won to create jobs, total of 3,000 engineering graduates will have a chance to obtain professional skills.

□ With the increased budget, 18 agencies including Korea Association of Cloud Industry (KACI) and Korea Productivity Center (KPC) in the areas of four industries such as information telecom, machine & material, chemical & energy and knowledge service are operating specialized professional skill programs customized by field.
 ㅇ In particular, in preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, MIST will foster 1,000 unemployed graduates to make professional talents who will be a future growth engine by operating training programs in artificial intelligence, big data, IoT and FinTech.

□ In addition, trainees who have completed the training are eligible for various job-seeking services through human resource center(www.RNDJOB.or.kr), run by KOITA and company network of training agencies.

□ The unemployed engineering graduates who hope to take part in training programs can register on the website, SNEJOB.koita.or.kr after checking training sessions operated by 18 training agencies in consideration of individual’s major and industry.

□ Director General Kang Byung-Sam in Science, ICT & HR Policy Bureau stressed that “the youth unemployment soars due to recent economic recession, and addressing this issue is the task of government”. He also expects that MSIT can nurture future talents in response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the youth can find more jobs, and companies can secure excellent workers in order to address the issue of labor mismatch in engineering market.

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