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 MSIT to Emphasize ‘People-Centered’ Inclusive Response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution at the ‘G20 Digital Economy Ministerial Meeting’ (August 27)

- Introduced Korea’s plan for commercializing 5G as part of an effort to promote future digital infra


The Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) reported that Assistant Minister of IT Policy Hwan-Jeong Yang attended the G20* Digital Economy Ministerial Meeting held from 23 to 24 August in Salta, Argentina.


* Members: United States, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, Italy (G7), Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (BRICS), Mexico, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Turkey, Australia (MIKTA), Argentina, Saudi Arabia and the EU.


The meeting was attended by ministers and vice ministers of digital economy from G20 members and 7 non-members that were invited, such as Spain, Netherlands, Singapore, Chile, Jamaica, Rwanda and Senegal, as well as heads of major international organizations, such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), International Telecommunications Union (ITU), World Bank (WB) and UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).


The G20 Digital Economy Ministerial Meeting was first held in April last year in Dusseldorf, Germany with the aim of promoting a joint response for the social transformation caused by the development of new digital technologies.


- The Argentine government, the 2018 G20 Presidency, held the second ministerial under the theme ‘A Digital Agenda for Development’ following last year’s discussions. The meeting mainly covered topics such as digital government principles, measurement of the digital economy, accelerating digital infrastructure for development and bridging the digital gender divide.


After two days of discussions, the ministers adopted the G20 Digital Economy Ministerial Declaration (refer below) and 4 annexes. The main contents of the adopted declaration will be applied in the Leaders’ Declaration adopted at the G20 Summit to be held from 30 November to 1 December in Buenos Aires.


The Declaration also included Korea’s policy direction and key agendas.


The Declaration emphasized the importance of concepts, such as ‘people-centered’ and ‘inclusiveness,’ in preventing anyone from being neglected in the development of digital economy policies, while reflecting the need for investment to build future networks, such as 5G.


Furthermore, it presented the future direction of digital economy by stating the need to respond to and develop policies for new technologies driving the digital economy, such as IoT, AI, DLT and 5G.


In his policy presentation, Assistant Minister Yang introduced Korea’s 4IR policy, ‘I-Korea 4.0,’ in connection with the contents of the Declaration.


Korea’s policy for 5G commercialization was also explained, with emphasis on investment in new networks, such as 5G, which serve as the digital infra promoting new future technologies, such as IoT, AI and Big Data.


Lastly, Yang stated that Korea will “take the Ministerial as an opportunity to strengthen cooperation with G20 members and related international organizations.”

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