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2018 Korea-EU Research & Innovation Day Held (September 11)

- Provide networking opportunity for the Korean research community to increase participation in EU programs

The Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) and National Research Foundation (NRF) announced the plan to hold the ‘2018 Korea-EU Research and Innovation Day’ (hereinafter Korea-EU R&I Day) jointly with the European Commission and Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Korea on September 12 at the Lotte Seoul Hotel.

Korea-EU R&I Day, held for the fourth time this year, gives an introduction of EU R&D cooperation data including EU Horizon 2020* and opportunities for receiving research funding. The event aims to increase opportunities of EU R&D cooperation of domestic researchers through providing consulting service of European experts from all fields (NCP)**.

* Horizon2020: EU’s funding program in the field of research and innovation (period: 2014~2020 (7 years) / budget: 78.6bn euro)

** National Contact Point: national coordinators designated by country and sector to promote EU programs to researchers of member and non-member states and to facilitate their participation

The dignitaries of the forum are EU Ambassador Michael Reiterer, Deputy Director General Signe Ratso of the European Commission for Research and Innovation, Assistant Minister Chang-Hwan MA of Science and ICT and President Jung-Hye Roe of NRF. 300 researchers and people from research institutes wishing to forge partnership with Europe also took part.

In the event, seven strategic areas of cooperation* have been selected in the field of ICT, a focal area of cooperation between Korea and EU. Also, information on science and technology programs between Korea and EU along with networking and consulting opportunities will be provided.

* ICT, nanotechnology, bioengineering technology, energy technology, transport, talent exchanges, EUREKA/EUROSTAR 2

The morning session featured specific cooperation programs, including Korea-EU research innovation cooperation, Horizon 2020 and follow-up research programs, R&D cooperation programs with EU and each European country and ways for participation and financial support for domestic research. In addition, brochures giving an overview of Horizon 2020, EU human resource exchange programs and science, technology and innovation of Europe will be distributed in the venue.

In addition, in the afternoon session, experts including EU NCP provided information to Korean researchers in seven areas of cooperation, including recent research trends, Horizon 2020 support and forming consortium. Also, Korean researchers will present on cases of research cooperation and share their experiences of participating in EU cooperation projects.

In addition, in the lobby of the venue, promotional booths were set up by each Embassy of EU member states. From the promotional booths, Korean researchers were informed on science and technology cooperation, cooperation programs and consulting service will be provided.

Assistant Minister Chang-Hwan MA of Science and ICT said, “this is an event where substantial and specific support is provided, encompassing acquiring holistic information on EU and research programs of EU, creating networks with European researchers and ways for forming consortiums. I believe this will lead to creation of cooperation opportunities between Korean and European researchers.”

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