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2018 Seoul Declaration: A People-Centered Digital Community Connects Korea and Asia (September 14)

- Information, Communication and Broadcasting Ministerial Meeting Held on September 13

The Ministry of Science and ICT held the 2018 Information, Communication and Broadcasting Ministerial Meeting, themed ‘A Leap into a People-centered Digital Community’ at the Coex, Seoul on September 13.

This year’s ministerial meeting was attended by the ministers and vice ministers from 11 countries, consisting of nine countries out of 10 ASEAN member states, Nepal and Butane. The meeting holds particular significance in that it serves as a venue to lead a people-centered digital era based on ‘I-KOREA 4.0’, the policy of the Ministry and ICT cooperation under the New Southern Policy for the Asian region.

*Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, and Indonesia

‘I-KOREA 4.0’ Policy is the government’s main strategy so as to respond to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and to encourage the participation of the people. ‘I’ symbolizes Intelligence, Innovation, Inclusiveness, and Interaction. (Push ahead with intelligent and innovative projects; Secure growth engine technology; Create an industry infrastructure and ecosystem; Respond to the changes of future society.

Participants had full-fledged discussions on international perspectives, policies and cooperation measures in order to achieve ICT development beneficial to everyone on the theme of ‘Future of Digital Transformation’ and ‘Enhancement of Social Inclusiveness in the Digital Era’ during the session at the ministerial meeting.

Minister You Young Min stressed the importance of technological development for people during his opening speech and confirmed the necessity of cooperation among Asian countries while participating in the discussions of each session to present countermeasures to address social issues leveraging ICT and intelligent & innovative projects of MSIT.

Among international organizations, the OECD and the UN ESCAP ICT secretariat presented cooperation measures for enhancement of international inclusiveness and pros and cons of digital transformation. The participants introduced ICT-related policies of their nations and expressed keen interest in 5G commercialization and Korea’s big data utilization policy.

The ASEAN member states together with Nepal, and the southwest region of Butane are not only geographically close to Korea but also recognized as a new partner with a relatively low age group and a huge consumer market.

It is worth noting that Korea is internationally noticed as a partner in leading the development of the digital era as each Asian nation has various media contents and a keen interest in ICT.

The Information, Communication and Broadcasting Ministerial Meeting, marking the 14th anniversary since its launch in 2005, expects to establish a S&T diplomacy in the new Asian region by taking the lead in the international digital transformation discussion mainly for the Asian region.

As a result of the ministerial meeting, the ministers and vice ministers from 12 nations including Korea adopted 2018 Seoul Declaration and reached an agreement in strengthening cooperation and sharing policies for ‘A Leap into a People-centered Digital Community’.

Minister You stated that “I hope that this meeting will serve as an opportunity to share the people-centered vision with Asian nations and lay the foundation for cooperation as a partner of the new digital economy era”.

Minister You, meanwhile, held meetings with ministers and vice ministers from Vietnam, Nepal, and the Philippines who have attended the event; and agreed to foster ICT talents with Vietnam, establish a comprehensive government data center with Nepal; and signed an MOU on Cooperation in the Fields of ICT and Communications with the Philippines.

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