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Vice Minister Lee Jin-Gyu to Visit the 62nd IAEA General Conference (September 17)

- Lay the groundwork for future nuclear power R&D collaboration and entering overseas nuclear markets

The Ministry of Science and ICT announced that a government delegation headed by Vice Minister Lee Jin-Gyu will attend the 62nd IAEA General Conference held in Vienna, Austria from September 17 (local time).

The government delegation, consisting of the Ministry of Science and ICT, Nuclear Safety and Security Commission, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Austria, together with experts from nuclear-related institutes are set to attend the conference and carry out various activities in order to let the world know the excellence of Korean nuclear energy and to strengthen nuclear cooperation.

IAEA is an international organization established in 1957 which promotes nuclear safety, safeguards and technical cooperation for the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

At the General Conference, high-ranking officials from 170 IAEA member states will attend and discuss ways of international coordination for the promotion of peaceful use of nuclear technology on the premise of nuclear non-proliferation and safety.

Vice Minister Lee Jin-Gyu will give a keynote speech at the conference and discuss ways of cooperation with the United States, Saudi Arabia, France, and Czech and hold the opening ceremony of exhibition booth which introduces Korean nuclear technology.

In his keynote speech at IAEA General Conference on 18th, the Vice Minister will present energy conversion policies and the development strategy for future nuclear technology, as well as, the excellence of Korean nuclear power plants and efforts to enter overseas market.

- In addition, the Vice Minister will elaborate on recent developments on the Korean peninsula such as successful inter-Korean summit, North Korea-US summit and inter-Korean summit in Pyongyang; and express his willingness to cooperate with the international community such as IAEA for complete denuclearization and permanent peace.

In addition, the Vice Minister, head of the delegation, will have meetings on the sidelines of the conference with the United States, Saudi Arabia, the Czech, France, and Belgium to discuss technical cooperation of future nuclear technologies such as safety, dismantlement, radioactive application; and support activities for exporting countries to export nuclear power.

- In his meeting with United States secretary Rick Perry of Energy, the Vice Minister will discuss ways of strengthening strategic partnerships in joint research on Korea-US fuel cycle and research on safety and dismantlement.

- In a meeting with the president of K.A.CARE in which we are seeking SMART cooperation, the Vice Minister will discuss follow-up projects following PPE(Pre-Project Engineering); jointly tapping into the SMR (Small Modular Reactor) global market; and expanding talent exchanges.

- With the Czech Republic which is highly interested in constructing additional large-scale nuclear power plants, the Vice Minister will pave the way for cooperation such as talent nurturing and R&D in encouraging export of nuclear power plants, as well as, provide support for nuclear energy export by emphasizing the advantages of Korean nuclear energy.

- In a meeting with the chairman of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) which is a traditional cooperation partner, the Vice Minister will share the similar energy conversion policies of the two nations and affirm their commitment to strengthening cooperation in the fields of emergency medical center and cultural properties protection technology leveraging research on safety, dismantlement and radiation.

During the General Conference, the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) will discuss cooperation on technical verification in details with Belgium and Australia in order to enter the overseas market and to commercialize the manufacturing technology of fuel plate for research reactors which is successfully developed by its own technology.

The Vice Minister will take part in the opening ceremony of Korean pavilion at the 22nd Nuclear Technology Exhibition in the presence of Deputy Director General of Department of Nuclear Energy at IAEA on September 18.

The Korean pavilion will present the excellent research reactors, SMART, and APR-1400 technology and successful cases of overseas advancement through promotional video on the theme of supporting nuclear energy export.

It aims to raise awareness about Korean reactor by letting each country’s delegation to experience the structure of small modular reactor or APR-1400 through virtual reality instead of mere exhibition of reactor models.

The Vice Minister stated that “on the occasion of the IAEA General Conference which is the largest nuclear conference in the world, we will broaden cooperation through in-depth discussion with relevant countries and actively promote Korean nuclear technology and the excellence of small and medium-scale and large-scale nuclear reactors with the aim of promoting overseas advancement of Korean nuclear power.”

Following the IAEA General Conference from September 17 to 18, the Vice Minister will hold a meeting with the Vice Minister of Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education to resume intergovernmental cooperation and visit the Defense Security Research Center at Warsaw University of Technology to seek diversified cooperation in defense and safety.

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