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Korea-UAE Science, Technology and ICT Cooperation to Go Forward

(November 02)

- The 1st Korea-UAE Joint Committee Meeting on Science, Technology and ICT held in Abu Dhabi on November 1

- Carry out 7 innovative projects including MERS and smart transport platform

- Agree to establish Korea-UAE joint R&D center in Khalifa University in 2019

- Provide opportunities to domestic startups to go global with the support from UAE venture capitals

The Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) announced its plans to hold the 1st Korea-UAE Joint Committee Meeting on Science, Technology and ICT (hereinafter “joint committee”) with the Department of Economic Development (DED) Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Abu Dhabi in the morning of November 1.

This joint committee was held based on the MOU on cooperation in science, technology and ICT which was signed on the occasion of the Summit in March 2018, and it aims to create tangible outcomes in the fields of science, technology and ICT.

Through this joint committee, the two countries will promote healthcare cooperation in areas including MERS and smart healthcare and foster cooperation in space, UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and smart transport platform in the field of the state-of-the-art science. In addition, in the field of energy, the two sides decided to collaborate on reducing CO2 emissions and promoting clean fuels and pledged to implement 7 innovative projects such as creating desert farm valley in the field of agriculture.

(healthcare) research on MERS (Korean Research Institute of Chemical Technology UAE University), smart healthcare (KAIST Khalifa University & Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital)

(state-of-the-art science) smart transport platform (KAIST Khalifa University), space (MSIT UAE Space Agency), UAV (Korea Aerospace Research Institute & MUBADALA)

(energy) reducing CO2 emissions and promoting clean fuels (KIST UAE National Oil Company (ADNOC))

(agriculture) farming in the desert (KIST Ministry of Climate Change and Environment & Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority)

Furthermore, in the joint committee, the two countries signed a MOU which agrees to establish ‘Korea-UAE joint R&D center’ in research facilities of UAE Khalifa University by 2019, so as to create a hub for continued cooperation.

The R&D center will be the venue for exchanges of technologies and human resources of institutions related to the 7 innovative projects. Also, it will be in charge of matching research and technologies between the two countries and play a bridging role in identifying new cooperation projects.

Meanwhile, by taking opportunity of the joint committee, cooperation between venture capitals and exchanges of startups of the two countries will be facilitated. There will be new opportunities opened for promising domestic venture companies to advance into the Middle East region, based on the partnership forged between the two governments.

National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) of Korea in charge of global advancement of ICT companies will work together with Takamul, an innovation agency of DED of UAE to provide support for promoting cooperation and talent exchanges between ICT companies of the two countries.

Minister You Young Min of MSIT commented, “the hosting of joint committee with UAE is significant in that it was the venue to forge science, technology and ICT partnership with the Middle East having great potential for the first time.”

Minister added, “we plan to utilize mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of science, technology and ICT with countries in the Middle East region, which is a land of opportunities to fully support innovative growth of Korea.”

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