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Korea strengthens cooperation with Canada in AI, biotechnology, and clean technology (June 19)

- Korea holds 2nd Korea-Canada JCM along with businesses (Canada, June 18)

The MSIT announced that it jointly held the Second Korea-Canada Joint Committee Meeting on Science, Technology, and Innovation with Canada’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Banff, Canada on June 18.

The Korean delegation was led by Director General Song Kyung-hee of the International Cooperation Bureau of the MSIT and the Canadian delegation was led by Vice Chairman Roman Szumski of Canada’s National Research Council (NRC). The event was attended by about 40 participants from both countries’ industry and academia.

The Korea-Canada JCM is a biennial government meeting based on the Korea-Canada Agreement on Science, Technology, and Innovation Cooperation signed in December 2016.

There have been vibrant discussions to facilitate bilateral cooperation in the field of science and technology starting from the first JCM in December 2017.

During the Second JCM, the two countries shared recent science, technology, and innovation policy and explored ways to cooperate.

Firstly, the Korean and Canadian governments presented and shared key policies to establish a STI ecosystem.

- The two governments also looked at projects of companies in the field of innovative technologies such as AI and biotechnology and reviewed collaboration plans with each other.

* (Korea) Samsung’s AI Center in Montreal, Green Cross Canada (Canada) Element AI

Also, the two countries shared international cooperation programs operated by their central and local governments and R&D projects related to clean technologies.

The two sides reviewed the current status and discussed future plans for collaboration between research institutes in carbon mineralization, aerospace, young talent exchanges, and technology commercialization.

Also, during the Second JCM, Korea’s National Research Council of Science and Technology (NST) and Canada’s NRC renewed the MOU signed back in 2014.

Director General Song Kyung-hee said, “Canada is a S&T leader, with its technological prowess in AI, which is a key technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

“This JCM is expected to advance both countries’ innovation capacity not only in the area of AI but also of clean technologies, aerospace, talent exchanges,” added Director General Song.

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