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ROK Government Begins International Cooperation on Fukushima Radioactive Water (Sep 5)

- Letter Requesting IAEA Cooperation Sent (Sep 5), Keynote Speech at General Conference (Sep 16)

The Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) and the Nuclear Safety and Security Commission (NSSC) announced on September 5 that they recognize that it is time to begin international cooperation on handling Fukushima radioactive water as it can affect the ecosystem of the entire world.

The MSIT and NSSC sent a letter requesting cooperation on handling the contaminated water to the IAEA, as the beginning step for international cooperation framework under the IAEA on Sep. 5

In the letter to the IAEA, the Korean government conveyed its deep concerns about the possibility of Fukushima radioactive water being released into the ocean and potential environmental contamination from it.

The Korean government requested a more active role from the IAEA on handling the contaminated water, collaborating with other international agencies and countries concerned.

After the letter is sent, Vice Minister Mun Miock of the MSIT and Director Um Jae Sik of the NSSC plan to attend the IAEA General Conference (Sep 16-20, Vienna, Austria), the biggest event in the nuclear industry, and to bring the issue of Fukushima radioactive water to the fore on a global level.

Vice Minister Mun is going to give a keynote speech at the General Conference on September 16 to draw attention from the IAEA and its Members to the issue of handling Fukushima radioactive water and to propose international cooperation measures.

The Korean delegation, composed of Vice Minister Mun and government organizations including the NSSC and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), will have a meeting with the acting Director General of the IAEA to highlight the importance of IAEA’s role in ensuring nuclear safety and to request the agency’s more active engagement.

The government announced, “We will continue to request the international community to encourage Japan to find a legitimate and ideal solution in handling the contaminated water from Fukushima.”

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