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Promoting Korea’s Excellent UHD Content Abroad (Oct 20)

- MSIT Operated Korean 4K/8K Content Exhibition Booth at MIPCOM

- Signed MOU for Foreign Investment (USD 600,000) and Global Joint Production

The Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) opened and operated Korea UHD Showcase booth at MIPCOM 2019* held in Cannes, France, from Oct 14 (Mon) to 17 (Thu), promoting the excellence of Korea’s UHD content created by Korean broadcasters and producers and supporting their foreign market entry.

* MIPCOM (Marché International des Programmes de Communication) : The world’s biggest global market for entertainment content held in October in Cannes, France. About 2000 exhibitors and 13,500 investors from about 110 countries attend the event every year.

At this year’s event, 41 Korean broadcasting and production companies submitted a total of 59 UHD contents. In addition, an 8K content exhibition booth, separate from the 4K content exhibition booth, was established to promote Korea’s world-leading 8K content production technology and garnered praises from foreign broadcasters and producers who visited MIPCOM to understand the trends of tomorrow’s broadcasting market.

* 4K/8K Content: content with 4 times/8 times higher resolution than FHD (1920x1080)

Other successful outcomes from the event includ37620e 144 cases of content investment/purchase consultation (worth USD 10.8 million) and two cases of foreign investment deals (worth USD 600,000).

Korea’s JTBC and France’s Gedeon Programmes signed an investment deal worth USD 500,000 to co-produce a UHD documentary on the natural environment of the Korean peninsula.

* An investment deal worth USD 500,000 (deal memo) was signed for the co-production (worth USD 1 million) of a UHD documentary “Wonders: Nature of the Korean Peninsula” (working title). (Oct 14, 2019)

GH E&M Korea and Poland’s Inborn Media signed a memorandum of understanding for co-production (worth USD 200,000).

* Agreement on the co-production of a UHD documentary, “Chopin: Experiencing the Composer” (working title), worth USD 200,000 (investment of USD 100,000 from Poland)

The Korea Radio Promotion Association (RAPA) signed a memorandum of understanding on consultation and international distribution network for international co-production with Canadian distributor AND Now Global and UK distributor Tushker Limited, laying the groundwork for broader support for foreign market entry of UHD content.

A source from the MSIT said, “At MIPCOM, we witnessed international broadcasters and producers’ keen interest in UHD content and Korean UHD industry’s excellent producing abilities in the global market.”

The source added, “As the competition for securing quality content is getting fiercer, the MSIT will continue to support UHD content production to raise Korean content’s competitiveness in foreign media markets and assist content distribution through Global UHD Networking Day in November.”

* Global UHD Networking Day: An annual event organized by the MSIT to facilitate networking in the UHD entertainment content industry, consisting of investment briefing sessions and business meetings.

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