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 < New Tech Enables Solar Panels to be 10 Times Larger > (April 26)
- New applications in renewable energy technologies such as building-integrated solar cells expected

   The Ministry announced the development of a "new technology that will enable the construction of Perovskite solar cells that are ten times larger in surface area without losing efficiency."
  The study was carried out by a team headed by Professor Lee Gwang-hee (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology) with support from the Ministry's Basic Research Support Program (Individual Researcher), New Industry Creation Project and Climate Change Response Technology Project; the results of the study were published in the April 10 issue of Advanced Materials, a leading global journal in material science.
- Paper: Achieving Large-Area Planar Perovskite Solar Cells by Introducing an Interfacial Compatibilizer
  Perovskite solar cells have been widely studied around the world for being easy to manufacture yet having high efficiency rate for generating electricity from photovoltaic energy. However, while larger panels are needed to generate more electricity, Perovskite solar cells were hobbled by their tendency to lose efficiency the wider the panels became. The research team succeeded in increasing the size of a small 1㎠ Perovskite solar cell ten-fold while preventing any significant loss in efficiency.
  The team used an amphiphilic material to address the decrease in solar cell efficiency due to the creation of pin-hole defects in manufacturing Perovskite film.
  The study succeeded in presenting a new technology for increasing the surface area of Perovskite film. A more than twofold increase in solar cell efficiency may allow these cells to be used for the external surface and windows of buildings, and enable the commercialization of Perovskite solar cells for high-voltage electricity generation.
  Professor Lee stated that "the study developed the world's first high-efficiency, large-surface Perovskite solar cell. A low-cost solution process enables the production of a large-surface cell, which could be used for semi-transparent building glass photovoltaic panels and other building-integrated solar power generators. The results of the study may potentially accelerate the commercial adoption of Perovskite solar cells."

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