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Korea Railroad Research Institute to Embark on Korea-Russia Cooperation for Building Continental Railway (June 25)

- Promote cooperation between railway research institutes in accordance with joint statement of Korea-Russia summit

Chairman Kwang-yeon Won and Director Hee-seung Nah of the Korea Railroad Research Institute (KRRI) visited the Russian Railway Research Institute (RRRI) in Moscow on the 21st. The parties agreed to expand bilateral cooperation in railroad technology by promoting technical and personnel exchange and conducting joint research on continental railway.

The institutes will carry out joint research and testing of inter-Korean and continental railways, and also hold international joint seminars.

In accordance with the statement announced at the Korea-Russia summit to expand cooperation between railroad research institutes, KRRI and RRRI will serve as the ‘Korea-Russia Railroad Technology Cooperation Center,’ a platform for promoting exchange and cooperation in railroad technology.

On the 20th, KRRI hosted the ‘Korea-Russia Railway Technology Exchange Seminar,’ inviting RRRI researchers to the Uiwang research center.

Research on key components of railroad cars used in continental railway, such as variable gage cars, were presented and discussed, along with cutting-edge materials and railroad maintenance technology.

By applying variable gage car, connector and brake technologies, KRRI plans to build a North East Asia train that runs as far as to China and Russia. Variable gage cars for locomotive and passenger trains and a system interoperable across continents will also be developed.

Director Nah stated that the two institutes will “serve as the Korea-Russia Railroad Technology Cooperation Center, a channel for promoting exchange and cooperation in railroad technology.“ Nah also emphasized that KRRI will work to ”accelerate inter-Korean and continental railway technology development to realize the new economy initiative and New North Policy of the Korean Peninsula.”

Chairman Won stated that the “cooperation will pave the way to produce more fruitful outcomes in continental railway joint research, which will bring forward the day when Koreans will be able to travel to Moscow by train.“ Won added that KRRI will ”actively support research on inter-Korean and continental railway, given the importance of this cooperation.“


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