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Korea-led Intelligent Edge Computing Technology, Adopted as an International Standard of ITU (July 30)

National Radio Research Agency (RRA) announced the recommendations on intelligent edge computing technology developed under Korea’s leadership was adopted as an international standard (Q.5001) at the ITU-T SG11 International Conference held in Geneva, Switzerland from July 18 to 27.

ITU-T (ITU’s telecommunication standardization sector) SG11 is a study group in the field of standardization of communication network signals and it has recently carried out standard development activities in regard to signal methods and test technology of IMT-2020/5G mobile communication, edge computing and IoT.

The recommendations adopted as an international standard in this meeting focus on intelligent edge computing requirements with machine learning technology applications and service delivery structure technology. From 2017, ETRI and Korean telecom operators have jointly developed edge computing technology.

Standards have been set by adopting a new concept which applies AI technology such as machine learning to existing edge computing technology. This enables vast amounts of data of various smart services in cloud computing environments to be processed in a more intelligent and effective way.

If the standard is applied, it is expected to increase efficiency of networks and improve the function of supporting multiple IoT devices to gain access, through making the data processing system effective.

* Edge computing is a technology that processes vast amounts of data by taking some portion of the data away from the central server to the various devices on the edge of the network by using cloud computing system.

Since 2017, Korea has taken initiative in the standard development process with active participation from research institutes such as ETRI, NST and telecom operators and the study group approved the standard in this meeting.

As this standard includes “intelligent IoT edge computing for reliable IoT”, which is the patented technology developed in Korea, for edge computing technology using this standard to gain market dominance is expected to be easy in the future.

Mr. Shin-gook Kang, Head of Center under ETRI who led the Korean delegation in the meeting said, “this standard technology will enable the intelligent processing of data which is accumulated at a rapid pace due to increased use of IoT and smart devices, which will in turn increase data processing speed. As this will contribute to decreased network latency, we hope to see consumers using smart services to be very satisfied.”

Director Yong-geun Hong and Researcher Gi-hoon Kim of KSBConvergence Research Department of ETRI, in charge of standard development added, “with the success of the meeting, detailed protocol related to intelligent edge computing will begin to be developed in the future.”

* KSB : Knowledge-converged Super Brain

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