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NRRA, Korea to Take Leadership in ITU’s Global Standardization of Quantum Cryptography Security (September 11)

The National Radio Research Agency (NRRA) stated that Korea secured leadership in global standards development by leading the adoption of two new standardization agendas related with quantum cryptography security at the International Telecommunications Union Telecommunications Standardization Bureau (ITU-T) SG17 Conference held in Geneva, Switzerland from 20 August to 7 September.

ITU-T researches issues related with telecommunications technologies, operations, and fees and is in charge of issuing recommendations for global standardization.

The research group, SG17, manages the standardization of information protection issues for all telecommunication sectors, including the Internet.

The new standardization agenda adopted through this meeting is related with a core technology concerning quantum cryptography security, its development led by SK Telecom in Korea.

The agenda comprises a framework for defining security technologies that must be considered during the application of the quantum key distribution system and additional services, such as data encryption.

Also included is research on the standardization of the security structure for the random number generator used to strengthen the security of the quantum key.

SK Telecom Lab leader Seung Hwan Kwak was appointed as the agenda leader, and has secured initiative in determining the direction of standardization in the field of quantum cryptography security.

In the July SG13 (future network) meeting, the Korean delegation led by KT proposed quantum encryption service, network structure and interface quantum encryption network, which was adopted as a new standardization agenda (leader: Dr. Hyung Soo Kim from KT). With the additional agenda adoption of the framework for defining quantum encryption security technology at the SG17 meeting in September, Korea has secured leadership in the standardization of quantum communications at ITU, the highest authority in telecommunications.

This will in turn help Korea apply many of its research results and technologies in global standards,

and lead the development of quantum encryption technology and gain leadership in its usage.

Meanwhile, the Korean delegation proposed 21 national contributions and 14 sector contributions at the meeting, resulting in the final approval of 1 international standard related with IoT security, preliminary approval of 5 international standards and approval of 5 new standardization agendas.

The Korean ITU Research Committee promised to cooperate with industrial, academic and research experts to lead the development of international standards related with information protection, including quantum encryption security. The Committee also added that through continuous collaboration with SG13 experts in charge of network standards development, they will strive to apply the results of domestic quantum encryption technology research into global standards.

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