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NRA announces Korea’s quantum cryptography communication network framework technology adopted as ITU standard for first time (July 1)

Korea’s National Radio Agency (NRA) under the MSIT announced that the draft Recommendation Y.3800 “Framework for Networks supporting Quantum Key Distribution,” led by Korea was approved during the ITU-T SG13 meeting held in Geneva, Switzerland, from June 17 to 28.


This is the first standard approved in the quantum cryptography and will be introduced unless any member country opposes the adoption.

ITU-T is an intergovernmental agency that develops international standards known as ITU-T Recommendations in areas such as telephone, the internet, the IoT, big data, ICT, billing, and others.

Study Group 13 (SG13) has led ITU’s research on future networks, big data, and IMT-2020 network.

The recently approved standard defines the network layer model and functional components needed to configure a quantum cryptography communication network.

KT, LG U+, KIST and ETRI started developing the standard from July 2018, and seven Korean institutes and 20 members across the world participated in the process. The standard gained preliminary approval during the SG13 meeting.

- The technology and standards related to quantum cryptography have been developed primarily by equipment makers but the new standard paved the way for telecommunications service providers to develop standards for commercial services.

Y.QKDN_CM co-proposed by KT and ETRI was also approved as a new standardization item during the ITU-T SG13 meeting.

Meanwhile, the new four items on the security of quantum cryptography proposed by SKT, adopted during the ITU-T SG17 meeting in August, are waiting to be adopted as international standards during the next meeting in September, 2019.

Study Group 17 (SG17) conducts research on data protection, including cyber security, personal information protection, response to spam emails

NRA’s International Cooperation Team Manager Lee Gyeong-hui said, “Since the quantum cryptography network technology essential for the commercial rollout was adopted as ITU-T standard, Korean companies will enjoy a boost in their competitiveness. We will provide further support for developing follow-up standards so that Korea can lead the way.”

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