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▷ Korea to Lead International Standardization Research of ITU-T Distributed Ledger Technology (August 2) 

- Three progress reports prior to standardization completed under Korea’s leadership  


□ National Radio Research Agency (RRA) announced that in the ITU-T Focus Group on Distributed Ledger Technology (FG DLT) held in Geneva, Switzerland from July 29 to August 1, three progress reports prior to standardization in distributed ledger technology, which Korea took initiative in its development were adopted as the final documents of the focus group. This document will be transferred to ITU-T SG17 to be officially adopted as the international standard.  


※ ITU-T(International Telecommunication Union Telecommunication Standardization Sector): international standardization organization within ITU which legislates and revises standards in the field of networks including phone and internet as well as utilization and fee settlement of relevant ICT technologies including IoT, big data and information security.  


※ FG DLT (Focus Group on Distributed Ledger Technology): Focus Group on Distributed Ledger Technology was established in May 2017, at the proposal of Korea and held total seven meetings including the recently held meeting. FG DLT concluded its activities after submitting its final progress report to TSAG.  


※ Distributed ledger technology (DLT): refers to a digital ledger where participants renew the list of all transactions continuously on a peer-to-peer network. It verifies integrity through distributed mechanism in modifying and recording data. DLT is an information security technology aimed to protect documents from counterfeiting and hacking.  


The first deliverable, “DLT terms and definitions (FG DLT D1.1)” defines various terms to be used in the field of distributed ledger technology. As terms defined in the process of ITU-T international standardization under the leadership of Korea, will be used as common terminologies, Korea’s influence on standardization in the field of distributed ledger technology will be further promoted.  


The second deliverable, “DLT overview, concepts, ecosystem (FG DLT D1.2)” explains the key characteristics and types of technology required to deploy distributed ledger technology and various ecosystems. This is expected to be a useful material for developing technologies of domestic industry in the future.  

※ Ecosystem identifies various stakeholders of distributed ledger technology from the perspective of hardware, business, software and protocol development and set their roles.  


Thirdly, “DLT standardization landscape (FG DLT D1.3)” provides the current status of international standardization of distributed ledger technology* being carried out in major international standardization organizations such as ISO and ITU-T to identify items for international standardization required for additional development. This is expected to support roadmap establishment of future international standardization.  


* current status of international standardization of distributed ledger technology 

major standardization organization 

international standards under development  


ITU-T SG17  

research project 14 

9 recommendations other than ITU-T  


under development  

ITU-T SG16  

research project 22 

6 recommendations other than ITU-T F.dlt 

under development 


one recommendation other than  

ITU-T Y.BaaS-reqts 

under development 


4 recommendations other than ITU-T  


under development 


deliverable of  

7 focus groups  



19 international standards other than ISO 22739  

under development 


22 recommendations other than P2140.1  

under development 


□ Director Lee Kyung-hee of International Cooperation Team at National Radio Research Agency (RRA) said, “the progress report is an achievement for Korea which has actively participated from research stage prior to standardization in the field of distributed ledger technology. Based on the result of the meeting, Korea will spare no effort in leading international standardization in the field of distributed ledger technology.”  

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