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▷ KICT and ADB to Seek Solutions for Resolving Water-related Disaster in Asia (August 16)  

- Exchange MOU to establish infrastructure for impoverished Asia Pacific region and safeguard water security  


□ Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT) establishes foundation for domestic construction technologies to enter into Asia Pacific region, thereby resolving regional issues.  


□ KICT and Asian Development Bank (President Takehiko Nakao, hereinafter ADB) exchanged MOU in Manila, Philippines, at noon (local time) of August 15, to jointly seek solutions to develop sustainable infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region and safeguard water security.  


□ Both organizations pledged to make efforts in resolving water-related issues in the Asia Pacific due to climate change, urbanization and poverty. KICT stated that this would involve water sanitation in impoverished areas, flood and drought, climate change adaptation and water resource management in smart cities. In addition, the two organizations expressed their determination in identifying policy agendas through joint projects and coming up with plans to carry out sustainable development goals.  


□ To be specific, KICT and ADB will jointly publish a report titled “Asian Water Development Outlook (AWDO)-2020” and introduce the outcome in the ADB general assembly in May 2020. In addition, efforts will be made in seeking solutions for financing infrastructure development through measures such as identifying causes of damages generated by water-related disasters in the Asia Pacific region including flood, drought and tsunami.  


□ ADB is an international development bank set up in 1963 for developing countries in the Asia Pacific region to take loans for economic development and it comprises total 68 member states. ADB is headquartered in Manila, Philippines and has supported total 2,813 million dollars and 142 projects by 2018.  


□ President Han Seung Heon said, “with the signing of the MOU, KICT will look for ways for experiences of sustainable infrastructure development to be shared with developing countries of the Asia Pacific and will contribute to resolving water-related issues.”  


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