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3D Printed Modeling Standard in Medical Imaging Adopted as International Standard (Jan. 12)

 Korea to lead standardization of medical artificial material manufacturing using 3D printing

- 3D printed modeling standard in medical imaging adopted as international standard -

National Radio Research Agency (RRA) under the Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Choi Kiyoung, hereinafter “MSIT”) announced that two draft standards on 3D printed models in medical imaging proposed by Korea have been adopted as final new projects (proposals) in the field of ISO/IEC JTC 1/WG 12 (3D printing and scanning.)*

* Working Group (WG) under Joint Technical Committee 1 (JTC 1) operated by International Standards Organization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) works towards the goal of international standardization in IT sector

This project (proposal) is expected to be adopted as an international standard by 2022 through Korean experts leading consultations with foreign experts. Two draft standards adopted as new projects this time demonstrate the process for manufacturing 3D printed artificial material tailored to medical imaging of patients.

If the draft standards are adopted as international standards, they can be used in manufacturing products and devices using 3D printers and medical 3D models customized for treating patients.

In particular, as manufacturing process based on common standards has been established, medical staff can easily manufacture 3D printed medical devices tailored to patients without having to go through complex manual work for fabricating traditional artificial materials. (e.g. skull, dental implant, knee cartilage etc.)

Ultimately, providing high-quality medical devices and services will contribute to increasing quality of medical services, promoting health of the general public and facilitating relevant service industries.

MSIT said, “Convergence of ICT with other industries has brought about new kind of innovation across overall industries. We will make sure to provide policy support for convergence of ICT and medical sector to be accelerated continuously based on the development of international standard in 3D printing.”