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Find Answers for the World After COVID-19 in ICT (May 22)

- MSIT invites ICT experts to "ICT Future Strategy in the World After COVID-19" Forum

The Ministry of Science and ICT(hereinafter "MSIT") announced that it will host a forum titled "ICT Future Strategy in the World After COVID-19" to find a momentum for innovation to overcome the hardships in the ICT industry triggered by COVID-19.

The forum, co-hosted by three agencies* in the ICT sector, will have experts from ICT industry, academia and research institutes for session panels and will be joined online by students studying ICT. The forum will serve as a venue for analyzing the rapid changes in the ICT industry after COVID-19 and discussing policy direction for the ICT industry.
* Korea Association for ICT Promotion (KAIT), Korea Communications Agency (KCA), Institute for Information and Communications Technology Promotion (IITP)
※ Online audience can participate in the Q&A session via SME videoconferencing solution, and the forum will be cast online in real time on the official MSIT channels on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/withmsip), NaverTV (https://tv.naver.com/kait2020) and KaKaoTV (https://tv.kakao.com/channel/3566502) at 9:50 a.m. on May 22, 2020.

The first keynote speakers are futurist Jeong Jihoon, professor at Kyunghee Cyber University, and Researcher Kim Jihyun, digital business strategist at SK Research Institute. Their presentations will help us picture a future digital society changed by COVID-19.

Next, there will be expert presentation and discussion session to explore detailed measures to nurture the ICT industry in the post-COVID-19 era in three aspects: 1) data, network and AI (DNA) industry, 2) convergence security, and 3) infrastructure building.

The topic of the first session is "From No-contact to On-contact! A growth opportunity for the DNA industry." This session will cover the impact of contactless environment caused by COVID-19 on the DNA industry, which is the foundation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Digital New Deal Programme, followed by discussions on potential growth opportunities.

The topic of the second session is "How to Nurture the Security Industry in the World After COVID-19." This session will take a look at security issues that emerged amid the recent rapid digital transition and explore the shortcoming to overcome in order to nurture the security industry to allow a safe digital life.

The topic of the third session is "How to Nurture Global Expert Enterprises in the World After COVID-19." This session will focus on practical measures to incubate domestic ICT startups in the business environment that is becoming more and more contactless.

Starting with this forum, the MSIT will have more opportunities to gather opinions from industry experts, academics, researchers and the general public on the direction of ICT industry innovation using existing channels such as the Public-Private ICT Industry Task Force and the website of KAIT.

Building on the opinions gathered, the MSIT plans to establish and publish the "Post COVID-19 ICT Industry Innovation Strategy (draft)" in the first half of this year to help the ICT industry become a foothold for economic revitalization of Korea.

Vice Minister Jang Seokyoung said, "Although the socioeconomic structure is rapidly changing and the global supply chain is being shaken up due to COVID-19, I am sure we can overcome this crisis and find a new momentum for growth if we gather all our strengths."

Vice Minister Jang added, "The government will actively carry out the Digital New Deal programme to revive the economy and do its best to ensure the programme nurture high-growth enterprises and revitalize exports, resulting in creation of quality jobs."

For further information, please contact Deputy Director Kang Dong Wan of the Ministry of Science and ICT (E-mail address: realwisdom@korea.kr).